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I know of no better evidence-based strategy for improving public perception of courts than focusing on procedural fairness (also called procedural justice). It’s the notion that providing a fair hearing (from the participant’s viewpoint) is critical to participant satisfaction with the courts. And this point has been proven in decades of social-science research.

Through this blog and its related websites, we’ve tried to provide information judges and court administrators could use to improve perceptions of fairness. But this blog has had periods of activity and, more recently, neglect.

Working with the National Center for State Courts, we aim to bring it back to life this year and to provide new entries regularly. An initial blog posting today focuses on resources for the new judge (though more experienced judges may find the same resources of interest). We welcome your thoughts and comments as we move forward.—Steve Leben, Douglas R. Stripp Missouri Distinguished Professor of Law, University of Missouri–Kansas City School of Law

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2 responses to “Revitalizing the Procedural Fairness Blog

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  1. Greetings

    My name is Eunice Gitau, a Public Prosecutor in the Republic of Kenya. I have an interest in procedural justice and have plans on pursuing a PhD in this field. I came across your website and would like to know if your blog posts are open to people in other jurisdictions like myself, and the rules that apply for guest blogs. Kindly advise.

    Best regards, Eunice

    • Hi Enuice,

      Greetings and thank you for following the blog. We are just getting it revitalized and are not yet accepting guest posts. Please stay tuned for future opportunities.

      Lindsey E. Wylie

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