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The field of procedural fairness is enriched through dynamic, active discourse. We welcome thought-provoking and timely submissions from guest bloggers. If you are interested in submitting a guest blog entry, please see the guidelines below for proposing and writing a post:

Process for Submission of Guest Blog Posts

  1. Email the proposed blog topic to

The submission should include:

  1. Proposed blog post title;
  2. 100 word description of the blog entry; and a
  3. Short author bio.

Submissions will be approved through an internal review process. If the submission proposal is accepted, guest bloggers must submit their entry within 30 days of acceptance. The submission must follow the Guest Blogger Protocols.

Guest Blogger Protocols

1.      Topics

All topics should be relevant to the area of procedural fairness. We are open to a broad range of topics within this area. Topics should be current in terms of developments in the area. Sample topics include: procedural fairness in upcoming cases, controversial issues in procedural fairness, practical tips, overviews of new developments and research in the area, etc.

2.      Post Length

Each post should at least 250 words, but no longer than 1000 words. While there is a 1000 word limit, ideally entries should not reach this length as it might deter readers. Please bear in mind that, generally, blog writing should be concise and easy to read.

3.      Photos and Images

Guest bloggers may include up to five images in their submission. Guest bloggers should ensure that they have permission to use the image and that use of the image does not violate any copyright laws. Proper attribution is required for all images. Bloggers will be notified if we are unable to accommodate an image due to size or other constraints.

4.      Subheadings and In-Post Links

Subheadings are welcome as they make entries more user-friendly. In-post links are welcome only if they are relevant to the topic about which you are writing, and only if the site they link to is free of inappropriate advertisements or features which would otherwise undermine the credibility of the blog. Feel free to link to any sources within a citation.

5.      Citation

Please ensure all entries are accurate and appropriately fact-checked. If relevant, provide sources at the conclusion of the blog entry. Plagiarized material will not be accepted.

6.      Exclusivity

The content of guest entries should be exclusive to this blog. Please do not submit duplicate entries or articles elsewhere. This request for exclusivity does not extend to the topic itself. Guest bloggers may have a duplicate topic, but the content should be unique to this blog.

7.      Editing

We reserve the right to review and edit posts submitted by guest bloggers to ensure all requirements are met, including appropriate language. Guest bloggers will be consulted regarding any edits before the publication of the entry.

Posted March 26, 2012 by ncscicm

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